“I started making masks a few years ago. It all happened accidentally, when a friend of mine asked me to make a mummer mask so that he could take part in the festival in Pernik. The  masks, made for mummer festivities have to be scary, because they chase away bad spirits. This is where the original image, which I gradually started developing in the collection “Visions”, came from. The technology I mastered step by step is very risky. When you work with more traditional means it’s easier, because the control you have over your hand is bigger. In my case, I use machines, for which I make special parts. These parts make the production more precise. Most of the time my intuition is my guide. Working under the walnut-tree in my family house in the village of Kopanitsa, the images simply arise in front of me. Lately, it’s becoming more and more common for me to gaze at people’s faces where I sometimes find  similar mood to something I’m working on. The thing I like most is that every single mask has its unique features. That’s the reason why I look at them closely and for a long time. That helps me understand them better…Today I added new friens in åcademy…I already have a few very important ones for me who help me look at my masks and my site from a different angle!Even look at life differently… About the masks-I’ve started a new collection.My friend Ivailo and I are discussing how it should be called,but the masks are so different that it is hard to combine them under one name.Sometimes they remind me of various emotions I’ve had over the years.Even I can’t explain how it all started-nothing serious and now I have almost a whole army of images ready to go on a crusade for me:)Now I have 5 complete masks for the future collection.I put the video that shows how to work on the material pine-the woodcarvers know it leaves white hairs and it’s not liable to any chisel treatment so here’s my method,invented by me! For this method to work you will also need a hand,but it is very risky because the abras machine has a high revolution.”